Prototype 0.0.1 launched

Just an early prototype for now, I’m going to take a pause to work on the lore and the story, then I’ll be able to work on the actual game. I also hope to hear your opinion about the prototype. But specially, I really hope you enjoy it, despite not having enough to offer you for now. ^w^;;


Jewel Soul (Prototype 0.0.1) - Linux.tar.gz 76 MB
Mar 04, 2021
Jewel Soul (Prototype 0.0.1) - 72 MB
Mar 04, 2021
Jewel Soul (Prototype 0.0.1) - 70 MB
Mar 04, 2021
Jewel Soul (Prototype 0.0.1) - Source for 9 MB
Mar 04, 2021

Get Jewel Soul (Prototype 0.0.2)


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Very nice work, congratulations!

I liked the responsive controls and overall gameplay feeling and totally loved the current ending ^^

I honestly don’t think this game would be too heavy for web/mobile, might be worth a try.

Thank you, gilzoide, I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed playing it. It really means a lot to me. ^w^

Well, since it’s just a prototype, I think it’s worth giving it a try. Thank you, gilzoide, you may now see the HTML5 version of the game here:

Sadly, since I’m aiming to make this game to be played in computers, sadly I wasn’t able to add on-screen controls for the mobile devices. So for now, there’s no way to play it on mobile phones, please forgive me for this. ^w^;;

Once again, thank you so much for commenting! It really makes me happy and determined to continue working! Thank you! ^w^

Yeah, the web build is a little heavy, but not in CPU/GPU usage, but download size. Maybe you could optmize the image assets with pngcrush or any other method, and also remove some unused assets that are being bundled, such as icons of multiple resolutions for Android and iOS.

You also don’t have to appologize for the game not being mobile-ready, don’t worry!

E, antes que eu acabe me esquecendo… É um prazer conhecê-lo, gilzoide, eu não sabia que você falava Português. :)

Por acaso você é do Brasil também? :)

Aopa, prazer é meu, tamo junto ;]

Precisando qualquer coisa, só chamar!