Prototype 0.0.2 launched!

  • Prototype 0.0.2 is launched, a mere bug fix and a few additions

Please go to the main page to get the download links -

  • All the graphics have been optimized using PNGCrush. Hopefully it will improve the loading time and maybe the performance of the game too.
  • The input can now be changed by going to the Options at the Title Screen, then going to Customize Controls. NOTE: Only the keyboard input can be changed;
  • Support to gamepads was added. NOTE: It’s a feature that has been released recently for GDevelop. As such, it’s still not possible to customize the gamepad buttons, and the support is limited. It’s supposed to work with a real PS4 or a XBox’s gamepads, but the button map for the generic versions or other gamepads might be different and even not work correctly;
  • The physics of the jumps was altered, decreasing the gravity to allow more precision while on air;
  • The force of the knockback was reduced significantly;
  • If Josephine is hit while playing on Casual Mode, she will only get knocked back if she’s on air. If she’s on the floor, she will remain in place while taking a hit;
  • The regular attacks are now slightly faster, allowing a quicker response from the player (hopefully);
  • You can now hit those pesky turrets while standing with your saber and the magic spells too! :D After all, they’re not that short;
  • But specially, a grave bug was fixed. Usually you need to press Up + Attack to launch a spell (granted if you picked one). But it you held Up WITHOUT A SPELL, it messed with Josephine’s animations. Thankfully I’ve managed to find out the problem and it’s now fixed!

I would like to give a special shoutout for GameDevelopers ( ) as well gilzoide ( ), for their critique and help, which was important to find out my mistakes from the first version and fix them. Thank you both, you’re both awesome! X3

The next update will involve some changes and additional features, so it might take a while for me to get it done. I hope you enjoy this new update and so long! X3


Jewel Soul (Original Prototype 0.0.2)-Source for 6.9 MB
Mar 11, 2021
JewelSoul (Prototype0.0.2) - Linux.tar.gz 74 MB
Mar 11, 2021
Jewel Soul (Prototype 0.0.2) - 70 MB
Mar 11, 2021
Jewel Soul (Prototype 0.0.2) - 68 MB
Mar 11, 2021
Jewel Soul Prototype 0.0.2 (HTML5 version).zip Play in browser
Mar 11, 2021

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Nice update! The web build loads A LOT faster now, and those unnecessary icon image files are no longer downloaded =D

Also, I wouldn’t call when you fix a “grave bug” as “a mere bug fix”, be proud of your work!

I’m glad to help ^^